General practice

Prevention is better than cure

Health checks are an important preventive healthcare measure and you should have one every 12 months. They enable doctors to identify risk factors at an early stage and treat conditions in time.

As well as helping to prevent health problems, a health check is also an opportunity to obtain personal advice about your health and lifestyle.

Everyone aged 19 or over with Austrian statutory health insurance is entitled to a free health check once a year. It is paid for directly by your health insurance fund, provided that it is the only health check that you have had in the previous 12 months. Why not arrange an appointment for your health check today?

Natural healing methods

It is my philosophy that the body is essentially capable of healing itself.
After making a comprehensive diagnosis, I try to support the body’s natural healing processes with soothing interventions wherever possible.

If I think herbs, teas, massage or acupuncture are not likely to be effective, I will prescribe conventional treatments.


Chaga is a fungus found growing wild on birch trees in Siberia.

It is a strong antioxidant which has a mood-enhancing effect, reduces stress levels, promotes regeneration and detoxification, and stimulates the immune system.

I am convinced of its effectiveness on the basis of my first-hand experience. I sell a range of chaga products made by The Art of Raw.

Baby and Mother-Child Booklet

As a general practitioner, my patients include people of all ages and stages of life, including babies, infants and mothers-to-be.


I know from experience that people develop different levels of immunity in response to vaccinations. This is why I offer my patients a personal vaccination plan based on the results of titre testing.

I can also administer the free vaccinations available under the local health authority’s programme (MA15 programme) at my practice.

Free vaccinations under the MA15 programme

Children under six
Children from six to 15
Young people over 15 and adults

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID vaccines are available again:
Comirnaty vaccines (Biontech / Pfizer) have been assigned to my practice, which are just waiting to be vaccinated. Children can also get vaccinated. Please contact us by phone or email for a vaccination appointment.