My practice

About me

As a general practitioner, my task is literally a general one: to provide you with broad-ranging support in your day-to-day life. What can you do to stay healthy? And how can you get better when you’re ill?

I combine conventional medicine with natural healing methods, acupuncture and massage to identify the treatment that best suits you as an individual and your specific circumstances.

It is very important to me to approach my patients on a human level. I like to be on an equal footing and build a direct, close and personal rapport to foster straightforward communication with a touch of humour. After all, a smile and a bit of levity can sometimes be the best medicine in life.

I have been a general practitioner with a health insurer contract since 2000. My current practice is located in Vienna’s sixth district.

  • – I am a contracted doctor for patients insured by the SVS insurance fund
  • – I am a doctor of choice for patients insured by other insurance funds
  • I am a UNIQA insurance LARA partner
  • – I also treat patients on a private basis

The team

We all think it is very important to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the practice. We want you to feel comfortable and that you are in good hands.

On the telephone, over e-mail or in person, we will always try to help you as quickly as possible with whatever you need, e.g. prescriptions or paperwork to do with sick or care leave, etc.

With good organisation, we manage to keep waiting times very short and are usually able to offer patients with acute complaints an appointment for the same day.